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Our Beginnings

Peaceful Playground

Sock Puppets

It all started three years ago when a group of second graders accepted a problem based learning challenge to reduce the number of accidents and hurt feelings on their playground. They started by observing accident prone areas, student activities, and when feelings were hurt. They used the data collected to help them identify their targeted areas of concern.  The students created instructional videos using an iPad application called Sock Puppets to help instruct the targeted playground audience.  The group decided to approach the school board to help support their ideas. They each created an iPad slide show and presented their findings and recommendations to the school board.

The school board was so impressed that they immediately approved funding for some of the students' ideas. One of the school board members took it a step farther and invited the group to help him create a fund raising idea for the school that he was researching.  The students researched basic marketing concepts including "The 4P's",  tag lines, and how to create a survey to understand  potential customers.  They created the basic content placed on the fund raising coffee bag as well as its design.

The fund raiser was a success and the students were able to continue to support their playground challenge for

future students.

Extending Our Experience

A Problem Based Learning Curriculum

Our teaching coach has taken our experiences and created a problem based learning curriculum that provides a meaningful framework for students and teachers interested in strengthening their fund raiser projects.



Our Future

...With Coaching from The University of Akron Law School

What's in a Name?

Creating a Logo/Trade Mark

Bent Tree Roasters

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